3% holiday discount on purchases made with American Express credit cards from Postbank

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In the beginning of November Postbank launched a promotion for American Express credit cards. All current and new American Express Gold and American Express credit cardholders can benefit from a 3% holiday discount on all purchases made in Bulgaria and abroad until the end of the year. Additionally in the promotional period, all new American Express cardholders will be exempted from the initial fee.

Postbank registers a strong growth of 18% in transactions made at POS terminals compared to cash withdrawals y-o-y. The bank’s data shows that an increasing amount of the turnover of American Express credit cards are being made at merchants.

The figures, showing that credit cards are being used increasingly for payment at POS terminals, clearly demonstrate that Bulgarians’ financial culture is improving with regards to credit card usage as more customers rely on the convenience of cashless payments. Postbank will continue to encourage this trend by offering clients preferential purchase terms and further developing its POS terminals network and the network coverage of credit cards.

Along with the promotional holiday discount campaign, all American Express cardholders can take advantage of the special program for discounts and preferential terms of purchase, detailed in the “American Express Selects” catalogue, and the extensive insurance package that covers travel and purchases. American Express cardholders can also issue a credit card for a relative with preferential terms – no initial fee and no annual maintenance fee for the entire contract period.


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