800 participants from 70 companies join Postbank Business Run 2020

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Contestants ran nearly 3,000 km in support of two charity causes

20 October 2020

A total of 183 teams from 70 companies from different business sectors joined the charity relay run, Postbank Business Run 2020, which took place yesterday in Business Park Sofia. This has been the eight edition of the large-scale inter-company run, organized again by Begach Sport Club and Postbank. The initiative attracted nearly 800 contestants; including 32 children aged 4-16. They competed in Kids Run supported by certified coaches under the IAAF’s programme, Kid’s Athletics. CEO Dash run has been organized for the fourth consecutive year, attracting six executive directors from different companies.

The biggest teambuilding event in Bulgaria supported two causes. Nearly BGN 8,000 was raised and will be donated to For Our Children Foundation to provide professional social care to the most vulnerable children in early age and to Water Way Foundation to support children with special needs thorough kinesiotherapy, water rehabilitation and modified swimming exercises so that they can become independent adults and have a chance for a fulfilling life.

SAP Labs‘ SAP Top Team is the winner in the relay run with time 59:57, followed by Festo Bulgaria’s team, Festo (which has participated in the run for the first time), with time 1:01:43. Third place is occupied by Bulpros Consulting’s team with time 1:02:07. SAP Labs’s women’s team, SAP Tech Girls, won the Fastest Women‘s Team prize with time 1:16:49, followed by Concentrix’s team, Lazy Paws and DXC Technology’s team, DXC Amazons. Boyan Rashev from Denkstatt Bulgaria, who ran 1 km for 3:06, and Sonya Nikolova from iCard with time 4:55 won the competition for executive directors and senior managers, CEO Dash.

The excellent performance of Postbank’s best team (Postbank NoName@) ranked it 9th with total time 1:05:11. The financial institution joined the competition with 23 teams.

The event has been streamed live on YouTube for the first time this year and everyone, who could not attend it, watched their colleagues online. The competition was seen by a total of over 1,000 people, as the highlight of the run had an audience of 150 viewers. The total time everyone watched the inter-company relay run online is equal to “14 days”. The event can be seen here: https://youtu.be/S-qnkHl-kT4.

To ensure the safety of the competition, the organizers observed all Covid-19 measures in line with IAAF’s competition rules. Runners’ net time was measured from the moment they passed the start archway until they crossed the finish line to avoid crowding. The relay area was wider to ensure more space between teams and the volunteers at the different logistics spots were given face masks and gloves.

Postbank Business Run’s main goal is to attract people’s attention to healthy way of life by inspiring a desire to win through team work and cooperation in the name of a noble cause. The entire information about the event is available at: https://sofia.businessrun.bg/.

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