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This Christmas GLOBUL provides customers with additional minutes and monthly fee discounts, valid for the entire contract term.

Each month, subscribers to the GLOBUL Universe, GLOBUL Unlimited, GLOBUL Web&Talk and GLOBUL United programs with monthly fees equal to or over BGN 19.90 will receive 10% more call minutes and up to 10% off their monthly fee depending on the selected program. All users of the GLOBUL Universe 12.90 tariff plan will be able to choose whether to get 5% off their monthly fee or 15 additional minutes per month for calls to all national networks and international Zone 1. Subscribers to the GLOBUL Universe 9.90 or GLOBUL Web&Talk 14.90 programs will receive 10 or 15 additional minutes for national calls and international calls to Zone 1 respectively.

All users who opt for the GLOBUL Max programs with monthly fees of BGN 9.90 or BGN 12.90 will enjoy 200 or 500 additional minutes per month for calls to the operator’s mobile network as well as 200 or 500 additional minutes to GLOBUL fixed numbers respectively.

GLOBUL has also prepared special Christmas offers for subscribers to its GLOBUL Combo+ bundled services. Users who bundle the GLOBUL GoWeb Unlimited 1000 and GLOBUL Universe 12.90 programs, can lease either the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet or Samsung Galaxy S III mini smartphone at the overall price of BGN 29.90 per month, which includes both programs’ monthly fees and the monthly installment.

GLOBUL Christmas promotions are valid from November 29, 2012 to January 13, 2013. Additional minutes and monthly fee discounts are valid for the entire contract term. Detailed information is available at and at the operator’s shops.


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