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In the end of 2010 the study E-Consumers Report was presented. It was constructed and executed by the All Channels | Interaction along with the marketing research agency Noema, as the first study of the consumer behavior and attitudes of Bulgarian Internet users. The analysis includes:  – Segmentation of users according to their online behavior;  – Analysis of the impact of different channels on the different types of users’ online behavior;  – Monitoring of the process of taking purchase decisions for a product or service in different product categories *. 

The study is developed two price packages: E-Consumers Report ® The detailed version (price 2800 leva  without VAT) and E-Consumers Report ® Common Version (1500 leva without VAT). 

The packages are tailored according to the internet communication needs of your marketing mix, as well as the strategic plans for developing your products. 

Members HBCB enjoy an additional discount of 10%.  You can get more information or to order E-Consumers Report on  and 

* Only for E-Consumers Report ® The detailed version 

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