ALPHA BANK creates a new type of Credit Card – DYNAMIC VISA – The card that pays you back with every purchase!

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DYNAMIC VISA is an international credit card that changes your perception about shopping. The card is created with the joint efforts of the Bank and Carrefour Bulgaria and is the first co-branded credit card, which gives you a reward for each purchase.With Dynamic Visa you receive cash back with every purchase you make at POS in Bulgaria and abroad or over the Internet.In our  Retail partners network you receive a preferential percentage back from the value of each purchase. A percentage back with each purchase made with DYNAMIC Visa as follows:10% back for each purchase performed with DYNAMIC Visa credit card at Carrefour stores; from 4% up to 42% back for each purchase performed in DYNAMIC partners and 1 % back for all purchases performed with DYNAMIC Visa credit card in Bulgaria, abroad and on the Internet. And ONLY NOW: 5% return from each purchase at gas stations until 28.02.2013!!!

The Dynamic partners are some of the most popular international brands. All partners you could see on:

For more details and if you want to apply or participate as a business retail partner, please contact:

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