Alpha Save and Double

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Every working day until October 31st, 2010 Alpha Bank doubles the amount of an account of one of its clients.Alpha Bank България is organizing the promotional program„Alpha Save and Double”, with participating current and savings accounts of individuals in all the currencies offered by the Bank, including existing accounts and newly opened during the period of the program, provided the present terms and conditions have been followed. The accounts participating in the program are savings and current including “Alpha Ultima”, “Alpha Future”, и “Alpha Payroll” for individuals. The Bank reserves the right to include new types of accounts during the period of the program. Term and process for execution of the drawsThe duration period of the program has been extended until 31.10.2010. The Bank reserves the right to change the duration of the program if decided. Within the period of the program Alpha Bank Bulgaria will perform as many draws as the Bank working days during „Alpha Save and Double”. The draws will be performed cumulatively every given calendar month of the program in the beginning of the conclusion of said calendar month of Alpha Save and Double. The withdrawn client from one daily draw will be excluded from the daily draws for the particular month but not from the draws performed within the following months. The Bank doubles the positive average monthly balance (PAMB) of one account. The accounts will be entitled to participate once in the daily draws with their positive average monthly balance (PAMB). The max balance that will be doubled is 50 000BGN.Defining the withdrawn clients of “Alpha Save and Double”The withdrawn clients of “Alpha Save and Double” will be determined and the draw will be executed electronically in the Alpha Bank Bulgaria Head Office at 15-17, Vassil Levsski bould. Sofia, in the presence of Public Notary and Committee with Alpha Bank Bulgaria representatives. Notification of the withdrawn clients and receiving the doubled amountAlpha Bank Bulgaria will contact the withdrawn clients of “Alpha Save and Double” by phone to the telephone number available in the Bank’s information system. In case the customer can not be reached by phone, the Bank will send official letter to the mailing address available in the customer’s profile.The doubled amount shall be credited to the withdrawn customer’s account in BGN in Alpha Bank Bulgaria. (In case the customers does not have account in BGN the Bank will open one for this purpose).Information Privacy All the personal details and account information of the participants and their actual participation are personal information that will be used only for the purposes of “Alpha Save and Double” and will be kept in privacy. The Bank will not disclose any personal or account information of the participants and will use them only for the “Alpha Save and Double” purposes.The customers could receive additional information about the “Alpha Save and Double” telephone: 0 700 16 222 or www.alphabank.bgJoint accounts: The account holders jointly participate in the program and are considered as one participant. (In case the account is with joint holders the Bank will notify all of them accordingly, when having into consideration the terms and condition of the joint account contract). Exception from the participation: All the draws exclude all the Management and employees of Alpha Group (holders or co-holders of accounts which are participating in the present program).

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