Art Rental has the pleasure to invite you to a journey FROM FANTASY TO REALITY

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Art does not know boundaries. There are no limits to it, it does not break down and separate, it only builds and gathers, turns the impossible into possible, and the fantasy into reality…And the origin of the artist does not define the nationality of art, because it belongs to all people in the world, through the eyes of which it can touch their souls. The art pieces of Yannis Nikou /Greece/ and Nikola Kolev /Bulgaria/ will be presented in Towers Gallery in Sofia /Iztok living quarter, 5A Lachezar Stanchev Str., Sopharma Business Towers/ from 19th Oct to 16th Sept 2015.

The official opening will be on 22nd Oct 2015, at 7pm, with the special attendance of Mr. Dimostenis Stoidis, Ambassador of Greece in Bulgaria, and Mr. Bryan Choat, Director of the London Art Collective.


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