Assen Yagodin Received the Award for Banker of the Year in 2010

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Assen Yagodin, Executive Director of Postbank, received the Banker of the Year Award, which was granted to him within the framework of Banker Weekly’s traditional annual bank awards. Petar Andronov, the Banker of the Year for 2009, presented the prize to Mr. Yagodin. 

“I have been in the banking sector for over 18 years now and I have dedicated all these years to one financial institution – Postbank. I thank all of my colleagues, who are no more than 3,000 people, and the top management of the bank for their support. 2010 was a tough but successful year for the banking sector, which withstood the challenges of the crisis and remains stable and secure,” noted Assen Yagodin upon receiving the award.       

In addition to his position as Postbank Executive Director, Assen Yagodin was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia at the beginning of 2010. Since 2008 he also holds the post of Deputy Chairman of the Association of Banks in Bulgaria.

Postbank is the recipient of many awards over the years. The bank was recognized as Bank of the Client at the annual Bank of the Year awards organized by the Bank of the Year Association. Postbank was also declared most dynamically developing bank for 2009 at the Annual Bank Awards, organized by Pari Daily newspaper. The financial institution also won the award for “Fastest Developing Bank” category and the award for “Financial product of the year” at the “Banks, Investment, Money” financial exhibition. Postbank’s “SpestInvest” Savings Product won the prize in the “Combined savings product” category.

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