Baker Tilly Klitou rebrand to “Baker Tilly”

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In line with the strategic goals of Baker Tilly International and the network’s efforts in building a stronger international brand, Baker Tilly Klitou have entered into a new licence agreement with Baker Tilly International, whereby the firm will use the “Baker Tilly” brand and logo without any prefix attached.


Marios Klitou, CEO of Baker Tilly in Cyprus said that “We are very proud that Baker Tilly International chose our firm to join force in building a stronger international brand. And we are just the fourth member-firm on a worldwide basis that achieves this, after UK, USA and Israel. And this is a huge success for our firm and Cyprus as well.”

The licence covers all Baker Tilly offices in Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova. The legal entities in all four countries will not change their names and will continue to be “Baker Tilly Klitou …”. The same applies for all websites and email addresses.

The change of brand/logo to “Baker Tilly” cements the firm’s commitment to Baker Tilly International – the world’s 8th largest network of accounting firms – further enhancing their ability to help clients around the world. Being part of this global brand will enforce the firm’s efforts in building a sustainable growth model that will result in new opportunities for their people and unlimited resources for their clients.

Baker Tilly have always taken great pride in the way they connect with and deliver for their clients. And this will never change! Their clients enjoy the efficiency of working with a single lead firm while drawing on highly experienced partners and industry experts throughout the network.

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