Balkan Services completed a Business Intelligence project at Boni Holding

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Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services completed a Business Intelligence project with QlikView and development of a Data warehouse with Pentaho CE Data Integration-Kettle for Bonnie Holding Ltd. – a leading manufacturer of meat products in Bulgaria. The project was carried out by Balkan Services team for three months and was finished in March 2011.

The project includes development of a Data Warehouse. The open-source Pentaho Data Integration-Kettle has been used as a means of extracting and loading data (ETL). Solution consumers use QlikView for visualization of information, references and analysis on multiple sections. Users can take advantage of the exclusive flexibility in displaying information on QlikView, thanks to the associative product technology and the possibility for selection and dimensions change (criteria for grouping data) in all references. The application allows comparing of sales, returned goods and realization towards past periods and achieved towards planned results. Main key performance indicators are calculated and customers` claims and payments can easily be analyzed with the ability to drill-down to a document level.

“Despite some unexpected issues that we had to solve in the course of the project, we achieved a very good result and facilitated significantly our work on the preparation of inquiries and information analysis,” said Marian Mihailov, Marketing Manager of Bonnie Holding and Head of the project.

The data needed for inquiries preparation are loaded out of more than 20 databases and a past eight years history is kept. Despite the large amounts of data, computational time of the hardest inquiries is less than 3 seconds and in practice all other inquiries are received from users immediately.

“One of the biggest challenges of the project was the information extraction from the hierarchical architecture of “Santa” database – the application which the holding uses. Thanks to good cooperation with our colleagues from Watteau Soft, who implemented and maintained “Santa”, and the competence of our team we found the optimal solution for loading data in Data Warehouse “said Vladimir Rashev, Managing Partner at Balkan Services.

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