Bulgaria Justice Ministry adds more citizenship application time slots

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Bulgaria’s Justice Ministry said on October 1 that it was increasing the number of time slots available in the online scheduling system of its citizenship directorate.

During the month of October, people seeking to acquire, restore or renounce Bulgarian citizenship who already have an application submission and interview appointment logged in the system can change the time to an earlier one.

They can make such a change only once, the ministry said. Applicants with an active appointment will receive an email notifying them of the details of the process at the address they supplied.

After October 31, the ministry said that it would suspend the option to change one’s appointment time, but the added timeslots will remain available to all prospective applicants.

The changes are a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the State of Emergency declared in spring, followed by the epidemic declaration, which has prevented many applicants from attending their appointments, the ministry said.

This, in turn, has prompted a wave of new application and interview appointments, which has has resulted in a full schedule for “a prolonged period of time”, the ministry said, an issue that the additional time slots was meant to address.

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