Deloitte Bulgaria: Business Sentiment Survey of the Bulgarian Tax System

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Deloitte is running a survey providing you with opportunity to express your opinion of Bulgaria’s tax system, as well as your personal view on how to improve it. Deloitte’s experts have prepared a survey based on Deloitte’s professional experience in various European countries. Completing the survey takes approximately 15 minutes and gives you the opportunity to effectively influence the transformation of the Bulgarian tax system. You can fill out the questionnaire online by clicking here by June 30, 2010.

Your personal opinion matters to us. Deloitte will analyze the responses of each participant, summarize trends, and present a synopsis of the ideas shared with us.

Full confidentiality is assured in accordance with the Deloitte code of ethics. To maintain confidentiality, results will be combined and averaged. Responses will not be attributed to an individual or a company. In case you have questions regarding the survey, please contact Mr. Georgi Sarakostov ( / phone +359 2 8023 300) or Mr. Ilia Iovtchev ( / phone +359 2 8023 314).


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