Economou: The epidemiological data demand we be on alert

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“The epidemiological data both in the rest of Europe and in our country force us to be on the highest possible alert,” government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said at a press briefing on Thursday and explained that for this reason “no relaxation is allowed right now.”

He referred to the extension of the measures set in effect in the last days of 2021 for another week, until January 23, following a proposal by the Committee of Experts.

He stressed that the government is doing what is required in terms of health security and ensuring socio-economic life.

The government spokesman also pointed out that the main economic and above all social goal of the government is to stimulate employment and consequently social cohesion. “After all, for us, growth is a means of promoting the well-being of the people, it is not an end in itself,” he explained, referring to a series of actions taken by the government.

He stressed that at the same time, 11 new programmes of OAED (Manpower Employment Organisation) are being implemented and 7 actions are being continued through which 86,000 new jobs will be offered in the new year. He said that for this purpose, about 590 million euros will be absorbed from the resources of the Recovery Fund and the NSRF.

“These policies are the best proof of the progressive sign of the government’s policy in terms of employment and the fight against social inequalities,” he said, referring to the prime minister’s position during yesterday’s presentation of the programs at OAED’s headquarters.

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