EKO FS launch a project with McDonald’s

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EKO launched a project with the global fast food chain McDonald’s. The restaurant already open doors in the familiar roadside complex EKO near the Radinovo village, after the downstream from Plovdiv to Sofia.

EKO FS near Radinovo is one of the most popular stops on Trakia highway. The new project aims to provide to the customers more comprehensive service and more choices – high quality fuels and lubricants, quality services, opportunity for relaxing rest and varied menu in restaurants in the complex.

In 2009 the restaurant of Flocafe chain opened doors near the EKO FS, Radinovo. There is also minimarket with a competitive selected range. Thus, a wide selection of sandwiches, snacks, desserts, hot and cold beverages, auto supplies and accessories etc. are available to EKO clients. The second EKO City playground with unique road safety design is also built near the FS.

“In EKO we have understanding that you should feel comfortable when you travel. We strive to provide to our customers more opportunities to do so. I believe that we will be more and more preferred stop on the road, where to fill positive emotions and to have pleasant and safe journey”, said Yannis Polykandriotis, CEO of EKO Bulgaria EAD.

Since its entering on the Bulgarian market, EKO has been investing in projects, related with the convenience during trip. The complex providing of quality goods and services is a priority of the company.

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