ELTA Courier (Tahimetafores ELTA S.A.) «speeds up» with Entersoft Business Suite®

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ELTA Courier (Tahimetaphores ELTA S.A.) new ERP implementation project was completed successfully with Entersoft Business Suite®.  The company wanted to upgrade its system into a concurrent ERP software application, with extensive capabilities of integrated ΜΙS Reporting, to optimize and automate its internal processes.

Tahimetaphores ELTA S.A., is a subsidiary of Hellenic Post (ELTA), which was established in 2001 as a continuation of the DOOR-to-DOOR traditional courier service, existing in the Greek market since 1987. The company is a comprehensive and reliable courier service provider for coprorations, businesses and consumers.  The company possesses the largest courier service network in Greece with 750 post offices and 20 subsidiaries.  Its constant financial growth combined with its network expansion strategy in the country, establishes Tahimetaphores ELTA S.A., as a qualitative and trustworthy partner in courier services.

The company decided to change its non-satisfactory performing multinational ERP with Entersoft Business Suite® to support its strategic growth requirements.  This decision confirms the high quality standards Entersoft products and services offer.  With Entersoft Business Suite®, the company integrated its data and procedures, and can coordinate and monitor its processes effectively. Additionally, the application offers a rich MIS Reporting, user flexibility and scalability potential for its future growth needs.

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