Emporiki Bank Bulgaria – General partner of “Sculptures of Degas” exhibition

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Being appraisers and guardians of high art Emporiki Bank Bulgaria supports hosting this exclusive exhibition in Bulgaria.” The sculptures of Edgar Degas” presents a full collection of bronze sculptures of Edgar Degas, the most prominent French impressionist, acknowledged by maestro Renoir “as the greatest sculptor of the 19th century”. The exhibition is held under the patronage of the French Embassy in Bulgaria and the Ministry of Culture with the support of the French Cultural Institute and National Art Gallery.

The partnership in this event presents the global policy of Emporiki Bank as a part of one of the biggest European banks – The French financial institution Credit Agricole. As a leading partner of the French economy, Credit Agricole is recognized worldwide with its cultural philanthropy – more than 1000 projects dedicated to art and culture has been realized in the past 30 years by the kind support of Credit Agricole.

The cultural patronage is a long standing tradition of Credit Agricole not only in France, but all over the world.

Consequently, the Bulgarian public will have the unique chance to witness and study the complete sculptures of Degas for the first time and Emporiki Bank is honored to take part on this project of international significance.

“It is important for us this significant exhibition to define clearly our presence in the local cultural life and to meet the Bulgarian audience with the most outstanding French impressionist.

In Emporiki Bank Bulgaria we believe that the art needs dedicated ambassadors worldwide as we are committed to be!” stated Mr. Athanasios Petropoulos, Chairman of the MB and Chief Executive Officer of Emporiki Bank Bulgaria.


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