Emporiki Bank Bulgaria introduced the first set of features and enhancements in the electronic banking system

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The project was realized thanks to the suggestions and recommendations of its customers to improve the service quality.

Users can see now the available balance on an account chosen for debit during preparation of an outgoing transfer; date and time of last update of account balances, including possibility for manual refresh; improved visualization of the loans screens, a new layout of the screen containing main screen with most frequently used data and additional screen with detailed information; notification message when EBank is offline, the message appears automatically in “customer transfers” menu when EBank system is offline and disappears when system is online again.

In the next two months Emporiki Bank Bulgaria will continue its progress on implementing new features. By the end of Summer 2011 customers will benefit from the following innovations: validation of Beneficiary IBANs for all countries adopted IBAN standards; detailed information about Term Deposits; enhanced possibilities of E-bank to accept more file formats for package payments (pay rolls); online request for cash withdrawals through Internet Banking web site; possibility for presenting customer’s transactions in a SWIFT format message MT940; customer position screen – a new screen combining all information about assets and liabilities on accounts.

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