Eurobank EFG Factors Receives Best International Factor of the Year Award

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Εurobank EFG Factors received the Best International (Export-Import) Factor of the Year Award 2011. The Company remains for the third consecutive year on the top of the international pyramid amongst 260 factors members of Factors Chain International (F.C.I.). The company is part of Eurobank EFG Group.

The Company was awarded this distinction during the 43rd annual conference of F.C.I that was held in San Francisco in June. The ranking was the result of a voting procedure of all members based on qualitative and quantitative criteria, such as quality of services provided, annual turnover, management’s effectiveness experience of its executives and number of voting partners.

Eurobank EFG Factors managed to capture one of the best scores in F.C.I.’s history and was evaluated as “Excellent” on the basis of the above criteria.

“Our rewarded performance is the result of collective work and effort and it has a particular significance for the company since it has been achieved in a challenging economic environment, Mr G. Karagiannopoulos, Managing Director of Eurobank EFG Factors stated. “At the same time, it demonstrates the company’s consistency and ability to continue its dynamic and successful development by meeting the most demanding international standards. This has been proved by our 1stposition in 2009 and 2nd position in 2010 under the same classification process”.

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