Evening in honor of Dr. Hristos Katsanis

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Sofia, May 31, 2011, in a very warm and friendly atmosphere, indicative of the discussion that followed at the Sheraton Hotel Balkan took place a very successful event, organized by the Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria, in the honor of Dr. Christos Katsanis and his contribution to the Greek Council and society at the occasion of the presentation of his book “FROM THE BALKANS TO EUROPE: with the eyes of a neighbor”.

The event was attended by a lot of HBCB members, high executives from the banking sector and friends of the Greek and Bulgarian cultures who came to congratulate the author.

Mr. Iskrov, the Governor of Bulgarian National Bank sharing his deep respect for Mr. Katsanis, argued:  “The book that brings us together tonight is of a great significance, it’s a useful and practical guide for all the people who are willing to make business in Bulgaria. But what makes it unique is the fact the his author is a highly valued and experienced bank manager – Mr. Katsanis but also a kind and openhearted man, who came to know and love the Bulgarians and brought Bulgaria into his heart. It’s not surprising that this research is made by a Greek, because to know a nation you need not only love but wisdom. I am deeply convinced that the wisdom of the Greek people will help them in this time of turbulence and challenges”.

The President of HBCB, Mr. Theodoropoulos in his remarks focused on the contribution of Mr. Katsanis to the Hellenic Bulgarian Council of Business as the first President and put emphasis on the extended research the author conducted while writing the book. In his words “This book came to fill a wide gap. It is unfortunate that my compatriots know very little for this neighboring country despite their wide knowledge on issues related to the West Europe. Even more it is an honour for all of us that this book, covering with precise data many issues regarding economics, politics, history and all business sectors (telecommunications, banking, services, textile etc.)  was written by Mr. Katsanis. After my personal experience of living and working in Bulgaria for 10 years I strongly recommend it.”

From a different perspective Mr. Liolios highlighted in his speech that the book is based on the notion of respect towards Bulgaria, its history and culture, encouraging all Greeks residing in Bulgaria to see Bulgarians not only as neighnours but as collaborators. Mr. Liolios concluded by highly suggesting the book to anyone open to take the example of someone who has been leaving a life inspired by the culture of dialogue.          

From his part Mr. Katsanis admitted that what led to the writing of this book was the realization that the Greeks know very little about a country that is so close like Bulgaria, like generally know little for their neighbours. As he said, “after some thought I decided to put on paper my knowledge and experiences that I earned from my long staying in the neighbouring state. I hope this research to be useful and help Greek readers to better understand this beautiful neighbouring country. ”    

The book was also presented by Mr. Ioannis Polykandriotis, CEO, EKO Bulgaria, who warmly shared his common experiences with the author and Professor Stoyna Poromanska, Modern Greek language in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” who provided an analysis on the language of the book and his author’s contribution to the Bulgarian letters as well as the promotion of the Greek language in Bulgaria.

We are expecting the book to be published into Bulgarian soon.

HBCB greatly appreciates the kind support of Eko Bulgaria, Alpha Bank, Globul, UBB, Germanos, Postbank.

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