Exclusive terms when transferring existing exposures with Housing loan Perfecto from Alpha Bank

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 Exclusive terms when transferring existing exposures with Housing loan Perfecto from Alpha Bank


Until the end of April 2013 Alpha Bank Bulgaria provides exclusive terms to customers who are willing to transfer their existing housing loan exposures and to take the advantage of Alpha Housing Loan Perfecto. The preferential terms include “no application and approval fees”, as well as 0% disbursement fee when transferring existing mortgage from other banks. In addition, Alpha Bank Bulgaria is financing all expenses related to the transfer of the exposure such as: costs for establishment of the new mortgage and obliteration of the existing one; market evaluation of the real estate proposed as collateral, expenses for issue of all necessary documents; pre-payment fee of the existing loan, etc. The amount covering these expenses is disbursed as part of the new loan and the interest rate is set according to the terms of Perfecto.


The special offer by Alpha Bank aims to unburden the customers as much as possible and to ease the decision to transfer their existing mortgage debt and take advantage of more competitive terms. Alpha Housing Loan Perfecto has no analog on Bulgaria’s mortgage market because it offers to the customers the longest fixed interest rate period – up to 10 years and possibility to choose between different options of fixed periods –  3, 5, 7 or 10 years based on their needs and preferences. Through Perfecto, Alpha Bank Bulgaria responds to the needs of its customers by providing them with what they are looking for – security, stability, predictability of future payments, transparency in the conditions of the product and the freedom to take the best decision for themselves. After the expiration of the fixed interest rate period, the interest rate is transparently formed, bound by the market index ЗМ EURIBOR. Information about the level of the latter is accessible at any time and is not set by the bank.


The idea of Perfecto is to provide completely transparent conditions and maximum security to a person who has made their mind to make such a long-term responsibility such as the purchase of a home and a housing loan to finance it. For facilitation of customers, everyone can receive a professional consultation for Alpha Housing Loan Perfecto and the terms for transferring current exposures from their home or office on the online platform

www.loanadvisor.eu. More information is also available in the nearest office of Alpha Bank or on www.alphabank.bg






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