Fast Micro-Credits With The New Cash Credit Service By Globul

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The new Cash Credit service, available at select GLOBUL andGERMANOS shops, offers fast and easy micro-credit of between BG 100 and BGN 1,000 to all subscribers of GLOBUL post-paid programs.

All subscribers over 21 might request a credit in any of the specially marked GLOBUL andGERMANOSshops across the country. They will only need to present their personal ID card – no employment or income documents, warrantors or collateral required. Users will also not pay any fees or advance installments.

Under the Cash Credit service request appraisals take only 6 (six) minutes and clients receive SMS notifications on their phone. Subscribers may collect their money at the shop where they posted their request at once or at any other shop GLOBUL andGERMANOS within three business days.

Credit payment installments may be paid together with GLOBUL monthly bills at cashier desks at GLOBUL or GERMANOS shops or via electronic bank transfer to the clients’ personal IBAN with GLOBUL or at any EasyPaycash desk or Cash Credit office. Clients may also pay off their credit partially or in full without any penalties for premature closure at EasyPay orCash Credit offices.
GLOBUL andGERMANOS are credit intermediaries of Cash Credit, a non-banking financial company, registered with the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), which offers fast, unsecured micro-credits via an electronic platform.
More information about the new Cash Credit service by GLOBUL is available   

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