Forbes Business Awards 2011 seeks the best business practices

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Forbes Bulgaria is continuing to receive documents for participation in the „Forbes Business Awards 2011″.  This is the deadline in which companies and entrepreneurs can fill in forms for participation in one of nine categories of awards until the 31st of October.Participation is easy and  free of charge, the only requirement for the candidates is to answer a few questions regarding their business practices and to fill in the electronic application on the official website of the ” Forbes Business Awards 2011″ (

The categories are:

1. Attitude towards customers (customer policy)2. Relationship with the client (individual approach to clients)3. Business Development4. Human Resources Development5. Product quality6. Quality of service7. Employee of the Year8. Award for community service9. Best starting  businesses (those that exist at least six months to three years)An independent jury of respected business personalities will examine and evaluate all applications until 15th of November 2011.

More information about the awards, application forms and sponsorship packages can be found at:

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