Foreign tourist arrivals to Bulgaria down 63% y/y in December

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The number of foreign tourists who visited Bulgaria in December fell 63.3% on the year to 246,900, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said on Thursday.

Citizens of EU member states made up 36.5% of all arrivals of international visitors in the last month of 2020, or 75.8% less compared to December 2019, NSI said in a monthly report on tourist numbers.

The number of people who visited friends or relatives in Bulgaria or just transited the country represented 71.3% of all arrivals of foreign nationals in December. Vacation trips made up 10.8% of all foreign tourist visits during the month, while business trips accounted for 17.9%.

Most foreign visitors to Bulgaria came from Turkey, Romania and Serbia in December.

Bulgaria’s tourism ministry is expected to publish tourist numbers for full year 2020 later this month.

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