GLOBUL clients can now pay via their mobile phone

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GLOBUL subscribers can now benefit from the new Mobile Wallet service (G-Wallet) which turns any mobile phone into the perfect portable device for twenty-four-hour access to different bank accounts. The operations are 100% secure thanks to the mobile electronic signature in the SIM card and the confirmation of all payment and check-up operations by entering a personal identification number (PIN) via the mobile handset. 

Users of the Mobile Wallet service will have at their disposal the assets in their bank accounts at any moment, will be able to order transfers to accounts in all banks in the country, to make payments online and at different commercial locations and to receive information about the status of their bank accounts in real time.

GLOBUL clients will be able to subscribe for paying their postpaid bills or to recharge a b-connect pre-paid cards through the Mobile Wallet service.

All new and current GLOBUL subscribers can benefit from the service by receiving a free of charge special SIM card at any shop of the operator. After receiving and activating the new SIM card, the client needs to visit an office of a partner bank which will activate the Mobile Wallet service.

GLOBUL partners for the Mobile Wallet service are the licensed payment system operator SEP Bulgaria, Allianz Bank Bulgaria and Post Bank, as well as different commercial chains in the country. More trade banks are expected to start offering the service in the near future.


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