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Once again, GLOBUL expressed its determination to remove the automatic renewal clause from the individual contracts of existing and new clients during a round table, organized by the Communication Regulation Commission (CRC) with the participation of other regulatory bodies’ and the three mobile operators’ representatives.

GLOBUL will undertake the necessary measures to remove the disputable clause after clarifying the exact parameters, manner, terms and condition for it, the operator’s Corporate Affairs Director Yassen Guev said. After conducting internal audits, it was discovered that updating the contracts for new subscribers would take approximately two months. The practice for automatic renewal of contracts should be discontinued by fixed services, internet and TV providers as well, Mr. Guev added.

Regarding the current number portability issue, GLOBUL has always supported the measures aimed at facilitating the process, including the implementation of the one-stop-shop procedure according to which clients need to visit only the recipient operator’s office.

The participants in the round table discussed various other topics, one of them being the credit limit. As specified in GLOBUL General Terms, the credit limit has no mandatory nature and the operator can notify the client in case of approaching or reaching the limit. Moreover, GLOBUL can change and update its value. Тhe operator’s subscribers have plenty of other opportunities to check their monthly consumption free of charge by dialing *123# for the GLOBUL Menu service, via MyGLOBUL mobile portal ( and MyGLOBUL web portal (

As for unwanted commercial messages that subscribers receive as SMS, the operator has provided its clients with an opportunity to opt out from receiving these messages via all channels for contacting the company.

GLOBUL supports and will continue supporting all measures that facilitate customers and their free choice of a telecommunication services’ provider.


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