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As part of its corporate responsibility policy, GLOBUL donated 21 computers to the Teach for Bulgaria foundation in order to support its efforts to provide equal access to quality education for all children in Bulgaria. The computers will facilitate the work of the teachers who are selected and prepared by the foundation to tutor students from schools with unsufficient resources.

The young specialists are employed as teachers for two years at schools with children from socially and economically disadvantaged communities. Due to the lack of free access to computers in many of those schools, GLOBUL provided each of the teachers with a personal computer which is essential for planning the lessons and tracking the students’ achievements.

In Bulgaria the project was launched this fall with the participation of 21 teachers who already started working at schools in Sofia, Chepintsi, Gorna Malina, Koprivshtitsa, Samokov, Karlovo and Vetren. The Teach for Bulgaria foundation plans to include another 45 teachers in the project as of the next school year and GLOBUL will continue supporting the noble initiative.

The Teach for Bulgaria foundation is a member of the Teach for All international network joining organizations in 22 countries all over the world. Applying the established model in each country aims at improving the academic results of socially and economically disadvantaged students as well as at elevating the prestige of the teaching profession.

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