GLOBUL fixed services subscribers reach 100,000

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GLOBUL reported 100,000 subscribers to its fixed line services. The achievement comes just one year after the operator launched the most affordable fixed services on Bulgarian market.

Despite the continuing monopoly of the incumbent operators, which holds the higher market share in that segment in all European Union member states, more than 10% of GLOBUL fixed-line subscribers chose to port their numbers to GLOBUL network attracted by the more beneficial service offers.

Users of the GLOBUL Home subscription programs enjoy up to 120 bundle minutes for national fixed calls and international calls to numbers in the Zone 1 per month, 1 stotinka per minute price for calls within GLOBUL fixed network and low prices for local and long distance calls upon expiration of the bundle minutes. Monthly fee for the GLOBUL fixed services start as low as BGN 4.90, and the service is available free of installation fee.

The GLOBUL Home & Friends service gives subscribers unlimited calls to one GLOBUL mobile number, up to 300 bundle minutes to three other GLOBUL numbers and up to 150 bundle minutes for national fixed calls and for international calls within Zone 1. The monthly fee is just BGN 9.90.


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