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Nearly 40 students from the Faculty of Telecommunications at the Technical University-Sofia attended the first master class of the GLOBUL Hour knowledge-sharing initiative. The Network Development lecture was presented yesterday by GLOBUL Senior Radio Planning Engineer Orlin Mitev.

Within this year’s GLOBUL Hour initiative, company’s high-qualified professionals will hold series of lectures and practical exercises for second and third-year students from the Faculty of Telecommunications at TU-Sofia. The initiative is part of the operator’s long-term partnership with Bulgarian universities aimed at enriching students’ academic knowledge, and supporting them in their choice of future career.

The next lecture of the GLOBUL Hour initiative will be held on May 10 from 10.30 at the TU-Sofia. The RAN Optimization lecture will be presented by GLOBUL specialists from the Radio Optimization Department Vladislav Stoyanov and Dimitar Stoynev. Iliyan Petrov and Elina Spasova from GLOBUL Network Performance and Quality Department will share their professional experience with students during the third GLOBUL Hour lecture on May 18 from 15.45.

Students may also join practical exercises which will be held at the GLOBUL Network Management Center in May. The topics of the exercises will be related to the lectures and will provide participants with the opportunity to get familiar with various types of telecommunications equipment and software applications. During the practical exercises, students will be allowed to work with test modules from the operator’s network.

The GLOBUL Hour is yet another operator’s initiative to support professional education of the students from the Faculty of Telecommunications at the Technical University – Sofia. Over the years, GLOBUL has constantly invested in various projects at the university, including scholarship and traineeship programs, reconstruction of faculty’s facilities, donations of equipment, etc. The operator also supported this year’s Days of the Faculty of Telecommunications forum, held at the university between March 21 and 25, 2011.

In 2007, for the first time in its history Technical University-Sofia awarded GLOBUL its Golden Medal for the company’s outstanding and long-term support for the university and its students.

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