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– For a fourth year in a row, GLOBUL launches online safety awareness campaign on the occasion of the upcoming International Safer Internet Day, which is to be held today, on February 7, 2012. The campaign aims to provide information on the issues of safe use of new technologies and Internet to children, parents and teachers, as well as to give young people useful tips for responsible behaviour online.

This year’s communication campaign is held under the slogan: ‘Do you know what your kids share on the Internet?’. As part of the campaign, GLOBUL will send to its clients a text message advising them to be careful while sharing personal information or surfing the Web, as our actions on the Internet may have consequences in real life.

Today all Bulgarians who have accounts in the social network Facebook may use an interactive application which will remind them of potential online risks. Practical tips on the issues of online safety, addressed to children, teenagers and parents, are also available on the operator’s website

As a member of the Public Council on Safer Internet Use, GLOBUL traditionally encourages responsible use of new technologies and supports protection of young people from harmful online content. Therefore, the mobile Internet content offered by the operator is clearly marked according to its suitability for the relevant age group. Parents may easily install optional locks on children’s mobile phones in order to control their access to inappropriate services or content.

The communication campaign is yet another step in GLOBUL’s commitment to online safety and prevention of kids and adolescents from potential threats on the Internet. In 2011 GLOBUL supported the launch of the first Bulgarian Safer Internet Helpline 124 123, a joint initiative of the National Safer Internet Centre and Parents Association. The helpline provides professional consultations and support to young people regarding online safety. They may submit their inquiries by calling 124 123, or sending an email to The price per call is BGN 14 stotinki for all GLOBUL subscribers, regardless of the call duration.

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