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GLOBUL supports a project for travelling cinema in Bulgaria, created by the production company Chouchkov Brothers. As part of GLOBUL Mobile Cinema initiative, each month the newest Hollywood hits will be shown in different towns across the country. Viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of blockbusters with superior quality, thanks to the unique digital technology which will be used for the film shows.
The aim of the initiative is to make cinema more accessible to the viewers, giving more people the opportunity to watch the latest movie releases. Thus, even the residents of the small Bulgarian towns with no functioning cinemas may experience the magic of cinema.
GLOBUL Mobile Cinema will be officially opened with four consecutive film showings at the Soviet Army Monument in Sofia from May 29 to June 1, inclusive. The film screenings will begin at 20:30 and the entrance is free. The festival will kick-off with the romantic comedy of Woody Allen ‘To Rome with Love’, while in the next days the audience will enjoy the Hollywood hits ‘The Seven Psychopaths’ and ‘Heavy Wedding’, as well as the Bulgarian movie ‘The Color of the Chameleon’.
This summer GLOBUL Mobile Cinema will visit Plovdiv, Targovisthe, Montana, and will continue in other cities in the country by the end-year. Detailed information about the festival is available at the website of the initiative


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