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GLOBUL will be the first operator on Bulgarian market to offer its corporate clients its eFAX service which allows sending and receiving fax messages without a fax machine, paper or toner.

GLOBUL eFAX users will be provided a fixed-line number which they may forward to partners as their number for fax communication and will receive all incoming messages in their e-mail inbox. Thus, users will be able to review, save and forward fax messages from any computers that has internet connection. The messages, received via eFAX, will contain information on the sender’s telephone number, the date and time of the event as well as the number of pages in the message. 

eFAX users may send fax messages via their e-mail clients by entering in the e-mail message address field the recipient’s fax number followed by The message with be received as a traditional facsimile message.

GLOBUL offers the eFAX services without an installation fee and at standard monthly fee of BGN 2.50.

Sending fax messages with eFAX to all GLOBUL fixed-line numbers costs BGN 0.008 per minute, and only BGN 0.04 per minute to local numbers of the other national fixed networks. Long distance national faxes to other fixed networks will be charged BGN 0.07 per minute, while faxes to national mobile numbers will cost BGN 0.27 per minute. Prices for international fax messages start from BGN 0.10 per minute.

„eFAX is the first GLOBUL ‘cloud’ service which the company offers first among local operators and it is the next step in our efforts to offer cutting-edge technologies and services to our clients”, commented GLOBUL Products & Services  Director Mrs. Petya Zlateva.

All prices are VAT exclusive.

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