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As of March 23, clients of GLOBUL data plans and of the operator’s subscription programs with data bundles may opt for the new GoWeb Turbo add-ons which provide extra mobile internet traffic at maximum speed.

The new GoWeb Turbo add-ons are unique on Bulgarian market and allow users mobile internet at the maximum available speed via their laptop or mobile phone without the hassle of changing their subscription plan. The GoWeb Turbo add-ons are available to all residential customers of the GoWeb Start, all kinds of GoWeb Unlimited and GoWeb Generation data plans and to users of the GLOBUL Web&Talk, Generation GLOBUL and GLOBUL United tariffs.

Upon expiration of their monthly maximum-speed data bundles, users will be redirected to a special website where will be a list of the GoWeb Turbo bundles compatible with their subscription plan. Activation of a GoWeb Turbo add-on is possible only at this website. Users may decline activating a GoWeb Turbo add-on by choosing the “Continue at Lower Speed” option.

The GoWeb Turbo activation page is available at any time and besides activation of a bundle also offers real-time usage information and activation history for the last 20 GoWeb Turbo bundle.

GLOBUL offers the clients of the GLOBUL GoWeb Start, GoWeb Unlimited and GoWeb Generation data plans the GoWeb Turbo S or GoWeb Turbo M bundles. The GoWeb Turbo S add-on gives between 250 and 5000 МВ of additional traffic at maximum speed, depending on the user’s existing subscription program, for BGN 3.90. GoWeb Turbo M provides between 500 and 10,000 МВ for BGN 6.90.

Users of the GLOBUL Web&Talk and GLOBUL United subscription programs may activate GoWeb Turbo bundle of 100 to 200 МВ for BGN 1.50 depending on the subscription program and clients of the Generation GLOBUL tariffs will be able to add a GoWeb Turbo bundle of 100 МВ for only BGN 1.            

An activated GoWeb Turbo bundle is valid until expired or until the date of billing. There is no limit on the number of activated add-on within a single billing period. Upon expiration of the GoWeb Turbo Bundle the browsing speed will be reduced according to the terms and conditions of the user’s subscription program.

All prices are VAT inclusive.

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