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For a third year in a row, GLOBUL launches its communication campaign aimed at raising public awareness on the issues of the safe use of modern technologies and Internet by children and young people. The campaign starts on February 8 – the International Safer Internet Day. This year’s GLOBUL initiative is held under the slogan ‘Not everyone on the Internet is your friend’.

As part of the campaign, on the International Safer Internet Day GLOBUL will send to its young clients a short text message advising them to be careful while surfing the net as unreasonable behavior online could lead to various negative consequences in real life.

Today all Bulgarian users of the social network Facebook may watch a special video that shows the importance of using Internet and social media safely. The video will appear on Facebook’s home page on the International Safer Internet Day only. Using that interactive communication tool, GLOBUL reminds Internet users to be cautious when communicating or sharing personal information online.

Practical tips, explaining how parents can protect their children or teenagers while surfing in the Internet are available on the operator’s official website in the GLOBUL for Society section.

This year’s campaign is yet another step in GLOBUL’s strategy to insure the safety of children and young people who use Internet and will be held in cooperation with the National Safe Internet Center. As a member of the Public Council on Safer Internet Use, GLOBUL encourages responsible and reasonable use of new technologies and Internet. Operator’s Safer Internet communication campaign aims to educate both children and their parents as to provide them more reliable and safer communication online.

In order to prevent children from inappropriate content online, GLOBUL has developed easy-to-use parental control applications. The operator’s mobile Internet content is clearly marked according to its suitability for different age groups. Parents can install optional locks on children’s mobile phones as to control their access to unsuitable services or content.

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