GLOBUL supports Earth hour for second consecutive year

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GLOBUL supported the international environmental organization WWF global initiative Earth Hour 2010 for second year in a row, that was held on March 27, 2010, within the framework of the company’s long-term environment protection program.

On that day, people, businesses and public institution turn off the non-essential lights and electric appliances at their premises for one hour – between 20:30 and 21:30 – the Earth Hour. In 2009 hundreds of millions of people around the world showed their support by turning off their lights for one hour.

GLOBUL joined the Earth Hour by turning off the electric lighting and other equipment at its premises which are not essential for the seamless operation of the operator’s network and customer service.

GLOBUL turned off the lighting of its advertising installations in major points Sofia and Varna locations and also on the roof of its headquarters.


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