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GLOBUL invites its subscribers to participate in an anonymous survey regarding the quality of the operator’s mobile internet services.

The study will be held from July 20 to October 19 this year and aims to explore the current state of GLOBUL network and the quality of its data services, as well as to collect users’ feedback. Thanks to the survey analysis, the company will be able to offer new and more attractive products and services on the Bulgarian market.

All clients of GLOBUL residential subscription plans who use mobile internet in Sofia city and have smartphones with Android OS 2.2 or later, can participate in the survey. Subscribers who want to take part should apply online at which will be active as of June 21. Approved applicants will be contacted by phone and will receive instructions.

Participants should download the free NET Monitor mobile application from Play Store and then install it on their smartphones. The application will enable users to monitor data traffic speed, network type, signal strength and other characteristics of the network they use at any time. In addition, participants will have access to detailed information about the applications and traffic volume they use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Users will also have the opportunity to share their opinions by responding to questions about their satisfaction with the operator’s services.

Data traffic generated by the NET Monitor application will be free-of-charge to subscribers. The application will automatically collect data for the survey and will not affect the user’s internet connection, device operation, monthly bill and mobile internet bundles. GLOBUL guarantees full respondent anonymity and data confidentiality.

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