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For its 10th anniversary, GLOBUL will donate ten ambulances. This is the largest single donation that has ever been done by a company since 1989. Its estimated cost is  around BGN 800, 000 but the final value will be clear after the delivery of all ten cars, produced by Opel. The ambulances will be equipped according to the European standards for providing emergency medical services.

The first four ambulances will be donated to Sofia’s Emergency Health Service at a special event in the beginning of October. Another ambulance will be provided to Blagoevgrad in the beginning of November. The rest five cars will be donated to other Bulgarian cities in the next two years.

Many companies perceive anniversarie as a chance to remind once again about their success. GLOBUL may also boast about its investments of BGN 1.1 billion, its modern and reliable network, its professional team and over 3.9 million clients. But being a company that is a long-term investor in the country, it is highly important for us to support its economic development.

We do believe that every Bulgarian dreams about a country with excellent roads, modern schools and kindergartens, hospitals with high-quality equipment, or rich pensioners who could travel the world. This is an endless sentence that could be written in various ways. Unfortunately, not everything is possible right now. The economic development takes time and society has to make difficult choices, especially in a situation of global crisis – a crisis that affected not only our country but the European Union as well.

It is not acceptable for us to say that just because we strictly and honestly pay our taxes, the State is obliged to take care for everything in our own court. We believe that we should do more than that.

Everyone at least once in his or her life had to call 112 and ask for emergency help. We hope that these new ambulances would allow doctors, nurses and drivers to do their job better. What remains for us is the satisfaction. Thus, if someone asks what we have done for our anniversary, we would be able to answer that we have made a good deed.

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