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Record-high 73% of all 45 participants in GLOBUL 7th Traineeship Program will have their traineeship with the company extended for different periods of time.

A total of 33 trainees earned extensions of their traineeship due to their exceptional performance and upon recommendations from their tutors and team members.

The participants in GLOBUL summer internship enriched their knowledge and skills and acquired practical experience in 16 different company divisions and attended presentation & communication skills seminar. In the end of the program, the participants demonstrated the acquired knowledge in individual presentations in front of their tutors, co-workers and the other trainees.

In recognition of their efforts, all trainees received certificates for the successful completion of GLOBUL 2010 Traineeship Program. Under a well-established tradition, the trainees planted a tree as a symbol of growth and development near GLOBUL headquarters in Sofia.

More than 200 students from different universities took part in GLOBUL Traineeship Program since the launch of the initiative in 2004 and a large part of them later joined GLOBUL team as full time employees.

GLOBUL is the trademark under which Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD offers mobile telecommunications services in Bulgaria. The company is 100% owned by COSMOTE (member of OTE Group), the operator with the strongest presence in Southeast Europe. As of the end of June 2010, GLOBUL has 4 million subscribers, while its services are available to 99.97% of Bulgaria’s population, covering over 99.02% of the country’s territory. GLOBUL UMTS network covers 82.5% of the population. GLOBUL along with GERMANOS employ more than 2,300 people in the country. COSMOTE Group at the end of June 2010 has approximately 21.6 million customers in SE Europe.


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