Globul To Give Away Gifts In Summer Promotions Across The Country

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As of today, GLOBUL launches series of promotional activities with prizes which will be held across the country. Within the campaign, which will run until September 15 inclusive, the operator will give away a total of 280 summer gifts. The new GLOBUL Go Green initiative is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and care about the environment among young people.
Each day the operator’s promo teams will be in different places in Bulgaria, as the campaign will cover 80 cities in the country. Information on the exact time and locations of the promotions will be published in a special internet application available at GLOBUL Facebook page.
Those who wish to participate in the summer events will have to find the green promo teams of GLOBUL and ask for a card with a unique code. Using the code, the participants may register for the raffle in the GLOBUL Go Green application at the operator’s Facebook page. Each participant may register with more than one identification code to increase the chances of winning a gift. The prize draw will be held every week. The winners will be notified by email and by phone and their names will be published in the Facebook application.
As part of its GLOBUL Go Green campaign, the operator will give away 100 longboards, 50 bicycles, 50 solar chargers, 20 kayaks, 10 paddleboards and 50 bamboo sunglasses.

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