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A of June 29, GLOBUL is to offer its updated Travel&Surf service which provides mobile internet roaming at the lowest cost, now available anywhere in the world and without the need of selecting preferred local network.          

GLOBUL clients will be able to choose for a wide range of mobile internet bundles depending on their needs and the destination of their journey.        

The Travel&Surf service is available in the Zone EU which includes all European Union member states plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein, in Zone 1, which encompasses Albania, FYROM, Turkey, Croatia and Serbia and in the new Zones 2 and 3, with Zone 2 including Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Jersey Islands, San Marino and Ukraine and Zone 3 covering the rest of the world.           

For travelers in the Zone EU countries, GLOBUL offers its daily Travel&Surf EU bundles of up to 15 МВ at prices starting from only BGN 5.90 as well as the weekly bundle Travel&Surf EU L, tagged BGN 32.90. The daily bundles for Zone 1 start at BGN 13.90 for up to 15 МВ while the 50 MB weekly bundle is now available at the greatly reduced price of just BGN 79.90 instead of BGN 112.90 before. For Zone 2 travelers GLOBUL offers the Travel&Surf Zone 2 bundle of 10 МВ at prices starting at BGN 13.90 while the weekly bundle Travel&Surf Zone 2 L gives 20 МВ at BGN 89.90. For users traveling to Zone 3 countries GLOBUL offers the daily bundles of up to 10 МВ, starting at BGN 15.90. The weekly bundle Travel&Surf Zone 3 L gives 20 МВ at BGN 99.90.

Full information on the updated Travel&Surf service and the mobile internet roaming bundles is available at, via call to short number 123 and in all GLOBUL, GERMANOS and official partner shops.

All post-paid users may subscribe to the Travel&Surf by sending blank SMS to 1212 with no obligation to buy a bundle. Travel&Surf users will not be able to use mobile internet in roaming until they purchase a bundle of choice. Bundles can be purchased at the Travel&Surf management mobile portal at Access to the portal and traffic to it is free of charge regardless of users’ location. The portal will also provide up to date information on usage and bundle status.

As of July 1, GLOBUL will also introduce lower roaming prices in the EU. Outgoing calls will be charged BGN 0.68 per minute and incoming will cost BGN 0.187. Sending an SMS will be charged BGN 0.204 while 1 МВ of mobile internet traffic will cost BGN 1.642. Also from July 1, the GPRS limit in roaming service will apply not only to roaming in the EU but will be also valid globally. The limit will remain BGN 117.35 and will be introduced automatically for all GLOBUL clients. Users may decline the service by dialing *124# and choosing option 2 from the menu.

The new, lower roaming prices follow the EU roaming regulation requirements and are valid for all GLOBUL subscribers in the EU countries as well as in Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. As before, all GLOBUL subscribers traveling abroad will receive SMS notifications with information on roaming prices.

Presently GLOBUL has roaming agreements with more than 460 operators in nearly 180 counties and territories around the world.


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