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GLOBUL offers its subscribers protection in case of phone theft in addition to its GLOBUL Garant service. The new GLOBUL Garant plus service, unique for the Bulgarian market, also provides safety against fraud with stolen SIM-card.

 In case of handset theft, users with activated GLOBUL Garant Plus service will be compensated at up to 75% or a maximum of BGN 1,000 of their handset purchase price.

 GLOBUL Garant Plus also allows clients to continue using the mobile and fixed services even when they are unable to pay their monthly bills due to sickness, accidents, unemployment and prolonged hospital stay and guarantees payment of up to 12 monthly bills. The number of guaranteed monthly bills depends on the covered events with a maximum total amount of BGN 1,200.

 The GLOBUL Garant Plus service is available to all new and existing residential clients at monthly fee of just BGN 2.99 per SIM-card, payable with the monthly bill.

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