Gov’t spokesman Petsas welcomes decision to send Golden Dawn to jail

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It is now part of history, how the neo-Nazis were first expelled from parliament by the people’s vote, to be later condemned by the sign and seal of justice, said government spokesman Stelios Petsas on Thursday.

Referring to Thursday’s final court decision to imprison far-right Golden Dawn former MPs and key members, Petsas continued: “Our democratic institutions have proven their strength. Our collective response to neo-Nazis is the Rule of Law. It is now indebted to the political powers to ensure that public life stays free of ideologies and practices that lead to repulsive phenomena, as were those that Greece experienced in its recent past.”

Concluding, he said that “the strengthening of institutions is therefore a constant struggle, while respect for the values of democracy should be the daily bread of all political forces and of citizens too.”

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