Gov’t trying to keep Pitsos in Greece

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The government is trying to convince Bosch, the German owners of historic Greek home appliance maker Pitsos, from ceasing operations in Greece this coming January, as it said it would in 2018.

Bosch, which bought out fellow German giant Siemens’ 50% stake in BSH, Pitsos’ owner, decided in 2017 that it would shut down the Pitsos factory in Attica by end-2018. Then in May and July 2018 it said it would postpone the move until January 2021.

The fact that the decision has already been announced several times and postponed once means it is unlikely to be reversed, but the government is making an effort and appealing to the German company.

The problems started when local authorities opposed the transfer of the BSH plant in Renti, west of Athens, to a plot Bosch had acquired in Magoula in western Attica on the grounds of its proximity to a hospital.

If Pitsos does go, it will mark the final chapter in the demise of the three emblematic Greek companies that supplied most local households with their appliances in the latter half of last century: Pitsos, Izola and Eskimo.

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