Greece’s Titan launches 4.8M euro RDF installation at Zlatna Panega plant

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Greece’s cement group Titan put into operation on July 5 2011 a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) installation at its Bulgarian plant in Zlatna Panega, which is worth 4.8 million euro.The facility will process separated non-recyclable waste such as plastics, paper, wood, textiles and other solid waste.The plant will use the fuel for its furnaces, with the amount expected to provide for a quarter of the volume needed.The RDF installation will process 25 000 tons of waste and will ensure a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from cement clinker production by about 15 000 tons a year.In addition, Titan will invest 4.3 million euro in the construction of eight cement silos at Zlatna Panega, whose construction started in 2010. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.The two investments are expected to provide for a reduction in the plant’s energy costs for cement production and for an increase in its quality. (Source: The Sofia Echo)

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