Greek, French parliamentary committees meet in Athens

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The Foreign Affairs and Armed Forces Committees of the Greek and French Parliaments held a joint session on Tuesday in Athens, discussing issues of foreign policy and security.

French committee head Christian Cabon said relations between the two countries “were perfect, more perfect than ever,” and referred to the supportive stance his country keeps towards Greece and Cyprus against Turkish aggression. As he noted, France keeps a dynamic stance compared to other European countries and their “rather vague formulation of their stances.”

Cabon welcomed Greece’s contract for 18 Rafale jets, which he called a sign of a visible support of France in Greece’s and the Eastern Mediterranean’s defense.

Greek committee chair Kostas Gioulekas said that Turkey cannot continue to “threaten two [EU] member states with war” as European countries discuss “whether they should be selling arms to Turkey so it may threaten EU member states.”

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