Greek industrial production decline less than Eurozone average, Eurostat report says

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Industrial production in Greece fell by less that the average decline in the Euro zone, Eurostat said in a report on Tuesday. More specifically, the EU executive’s statistics agency said that industrial production in Greece fell 7.9 pct in May compared with the same month last year, after a 10.7 pct decline in April, while in the Euro zone industrial production dropped 20.9 pct in May and 28.7 pct in April. Greece has the fifth lowest rate of decline after Finland (3.8 pct), Malta (4.8 pct), Lithuania (6.2 pct) and Latvia (6.4 pct), while the biggest declines were recorded in Slovakia (33.5 pct), Hungary (27.6 pct) and Romania (27.4 pct).  On a monthly comparison, industrial production grew 1.3 pct in Greece after an 8.6 pct decline in April and a 1.6 pct rise in March. In the Eurozone, industrial production rose 12.4 pct in May, after declines of 18.2 pct in April and 11.8 pct in March.

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