HBCB Chairmen over the years

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Dear members and friends,

on the eve of HBCB’s General Assembly  we would like to share with you our history, as seen through the eyes of its chairmen over the years.

Our current chairman Stamatis Theordoropoulos and his predecessors Mr. Katsanis (2005 – 2008), Mr. Chassiotis (2008-2009) and Mr. Polykandriotis (2009 – 2011) answered key questions on the responsibilities they have capably taken on in the past years, and offer a revelatory and inspiring account.

See Mr. Theodoropoulos’  shared experience here.

See Mr. Katsanis’ shared experience here.

See Mr. Hassiotis’ shared experience here.

See Mr. Polykandriotis’ shared experience here.

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