HBCB General Assembly 2017

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HBCB General Assembly took place on the 05th of April 2017 at  Sofia Hotel Balkan. Eight members of the board of directors were dismissed after the expiry of the mandate. 56 members gathered to vote for the vacant positions and to review the results of 2016.

The Agenda of the General Assembly was as follows:
1. Discussion and adoption of the report on the activity of the Board of Directors of the Association during the year of 2016.
2. Approval of the annual financial statement of the Association for year 2016.
3. Releasing from liability the members of the Board of Directors for their activity during the year of 2016.
4. Discussion and adoption of the budget of the Association for the year 2017.
5. Releasing of members of the Board of Directors.
6. Election of new members of the Board of Directors.
7. Amendments of the Articles of Association of Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria.

The chairman of HBCB Mr. Stamatios Theodoropoulos announced to the members that 2016 started cooperation with V+O organization. In a first step, a summary report from the HBCB Annual satisfaction survey was made at the end of 2016. The results of this survey support the leadership of the council to introduce a new development strategy of the organization. Mr. Theodoropoulos noted that the current motto of the organization is „Economic and cultural bridge between Greece and Bulgaria”, suggesting meetings with the state institutions representatives; regular informal meetings and gatherings; networking opportunities and information resources. So far the leadership believes that the mission was achieved and must move to further step – the real partnership, which includes the organization be partner with the community; effective platform for business between the members; environment for business training and education and respectable and powerful voice in the society.

Eight new members were elected as members of HBCB Board of Directors.

We are pleased to welcome the NEW Members of the HBCB Board of Directors:  Mr. Deyanov Georgi – Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors of EKO Bulgaria, Mr. Kainaros Vassilis – General Manager and Partner – Chrysmetal  Bulgaria, Mr. Papakonstantinou Georgios – General Manager – Mirkat Bulgaria.

We are pleased to welcome again   Mr. Alexandris Georgios-Managing Director of ALEXANDRIS ENGINEERING, Mr.  Arsenopoulos Nikos – Chief Executive Officer of BILOT – INTRALOT S.A. Group & CEO of Eurofootball Ltd, Mr. Mavropoulos Makis – Managing Director of Report BG, Mr. Polydoros Theodoros -Executive Director of ICAP Bulgaria & Cycle Credit Bulgaria and Mr. Theodoropoulos Stamatios -Country Manager of Chipita Bulgaria.

HBCB would like to thank its patron companies EKO Bulgaria, Chipita Bulgaria, Coca Cola HBC, ETEM, Intralot Bulgaria, Piraeus Bank and United Bulgarian Bank for their invaluable support.

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