HBCB LinkedIn Group announcement

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We are delighted to announce that during its first 3 months of pilot operation, the HBCB LinkedIn Group has accepted more than 100 members!

If your company is a member of the Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria, you are invited to join the Group on http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4039204.

The Group intends to establish additional communication channels among the Council’s members, complementary to the HBCB website and the various events and initiatives. It is also part of the Council’s strategy for continuous improvement and advanced services to its members.

Besides professional and business networking, the Group is expected to serve as an open forum for matters relevant to the objectives of the Council, promoting mutual dialogue between key government and business figures and encouraging progressive economic policies in Bulgaria and Greece.

In this context, opinions and/or viewpoints expressed in this Group do not reflect the opinions and/or viewpoints of the Council, its BoD and/or its members.


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