EKO Bulgaria entered into Bulgarian market in July 2002 and so far operate 90 petrol stations and 4 petrol bases all over the country.

The successful development of EKO petrol stations in Bulgaria is due to the main target to offer to customers` innovative products with proven quality and constantly to improve the client service through individual approach and attention. All petrol stations have a Mini Market
One of the main advantages of EKO petrol stations chain is the premium fuels offered to the customers
- PREMIUM fuels:

Diesel AVIO Double Filtered – innovative fuel with no analog on the Bulgarian market. It uses unique double filtering technology as the filter is mounted in the tank at the petrol station and purifies the fuel on its way to the dispensers. In addition, we use a specially made additive for even better results. This fuel has better Cetane number, provides better acceleration for the car and cleaner engine.
EKO RACING 100 - the fuel has a specially-developed 100-octane formula which guarantees maximum power and excellent performance of the engine, while the special additives, with which the gasoline is enriched, maintain the whole fuel system as clean as possible and protected from corrosion. EKO Racing 100 is now available at almost all EKO petrol stations.

- EKONOMY Fuels – fuels with high quality at acceptable price. In this category are offered Diesel Ekonomy and Ekonomy 95 Unleaded. These fuels provide better work of the engine, more power and less fuel consumption;
- LPG and CNG

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Lidiya Vitanova


3, Lachezar Stanchev Str., Litex Tower, Floor 9 1756 Sofia


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