Medical Center Aphrodita

Medical Center Aphrodita is established is 2007 in the center of Sofia. At the moment is located in an area of 800 m2, in an 8-floor modern and communicative building .It is a Limited legal entity with 192000 EUR capital.

The Medical Center is specialized in O&G, In vitro fertilization, stem cells storage and non -invasive prenatal testing.

The manpower includes 25 persons, doctors, nurses, administrators and sales representatives.

The network of sales includes 3 offices – in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv and 10 sales representatives 4 for Sofia and 6 for the rest of the country.

We have 8 branded company cars that are covering all maternity clinics (60) in the whole country.

In IVF( , we hold 4% of the market ( the total number of IVF centers in Bulgaria is 35).

In the field of stem cells storage ( – as official representatives of Future Health UK - we are number 1 in the country holding more than 45% of the market(total number of stem cells banks is 10) .

From April 2016, we are representatives of Vision, non–invasive prenatal test ( , and we have succeeded to become one of the three main players in the market.

M.C. Aphrodita is a member of a group of companies .The rest of the activities of the group are the sales of medical consumables, medical cosmetics and real estate.

Contact Person


Address: 15, Henrik Ibsen str., 1407, Sofia, Bulgaria


+3592 8060 060