Medical Center Aphrodita
Medical Center Aphrodita

Medical Center Aphrodita is established is 2007 in the center of Sofia. At the moment is located in an area of 800 m2, in an 8-floor modern and communicative building .It is a Limited legal entity with 192000 EUR capital.

The Medical Center is specialized in O&G, In vitro fertilization, stem cells storage and non -invasive prenatal testing.

The manpower includes 25 persons, doctors, nurses, administrators and sales representatives.

The network of sales includes 3 offices – in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv and 10 sales representatives 4 for Sofia and 6 for the rest of the country.

We have 8 branded company cars that are covering all maternity clinics (60) in the whole country.

In IVF( , we hold 4% of the market ( the total number of IVF centers in Bulgaria is 35).

In the field of stem cells storage ( – as official representatives of Future Health UK - we are number 1 in the country holding more than 45% of the market(total number of stem cells banks is 10) .

From April 2016, we are representatives of Vision, non–invasive prenatal test ( , and we have succeeded to become one of the three main players in the market.

M.C. Aphrodita is a member of a group of companies .The rest of the activities of the group are the sales of medical consumables, medical cosmetics and real estate.

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Address: 15, Henrik Ibsen str., 1407, Sofia, Bulgaria


+3592 8060 060